Raising a child can be very demanding; you need to constantly pay attention to what they eat, how they learn and how they behave. With so much to do throughout the day, it can be easy for you to forget about your kid’s bedtime oral health routine. Children also tend to be distracted, and can easily forget to brush their teeth or opt out of doing so if there is no adult to supervise them. As a parent, therefore, it is your duty to ensure that your kid brushes their teeth after dinner, just before they go to bed.

Here are some of the reasons why you should ensure your child never fails to brush before bedtime.

To Get Rid of Accumulated Food Particles

If your child has spent the day at school, chances are they haven’t brushed since they left home. Therefore, they are likely to have food particles and bits lodged in between their teeth and gums. Brushing before bedtime removes these food particles and prevents them from accumulating. Failure to do so can lead to dental problems such as inflammation and bacterial infections.


To Prevent BuildUp of Plaque

When your child fails to brush their teeth before bedtime, the sugars and bacteria in the mouth are broken down to create plaque ( a thin film that coats the teeth when they are not brushed frequently). When the plaque hardens, it forms tartar, which is harder to clean, and can only be removed through deep cleaning, with special brushes.

To avoid the buildup of plaque, therefore, you need to ensure that your child brushes their teeth every night before they go to bed. This will help protect their teeth from decay, and save you lots of money in dentist fees.


To Compensate for the Low Production of Saliva in the Mouth

Saliva has antibacterial properties, which helps keep your teeth protected from bacterial infections. However, when the body is at rest (during the night), the production of saliva is significantly reduced, which means defenses against oral bacterial infections are low. Brushing of teeth before bedtime helps eliminate most bacteria, thus compensating for the low secretion of saliva.


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As a parent, one of your top priorities is to ensure that your child’s dental health is catered for. Providing your child with the best dental care and practice can help preserve their teeth for longer and help them avoid the numerous problems that result from tooth decay. 

At Viva Smiles, our goal is to help you train your child on proper oral health routine so that they can learn to take better care of their teeth. If you have any questions regarding dental care for toddlers, get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to walk you through our services.