Orthodontics are usually a ‘rite of passage’ for teens having issues with misaligned teeth or their jaws that want to have them corrected. Problems with orthodontics can affect the ability of the average person to be able to eat food, to speak normally. It also increases the potential risk of sustaining dental injuries, in addition to even altering appearance.

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment would mean that you get metal braces fixed to your teeth by a qualified orthodontist to straighten them out, with a retainer that is used after to maintain the effect.

Some teens don’t particularly love the idea of getting braces and may not want the traditional metal type. If this is your teen’s case, consult with your dentist or an orthodontist and ask them if they have alternative treatments such as Invisalign for teens that will give them the option of having more transparent treatment.

At What Age Can My Orthodontic Treatment Begin?

Orthodontic treatment can begin with teens as early as the ages of eleven to thirteen years old. At this time, the permanent teeth all should’ve come through. However, the teeth and the jaws are still growing at this point and since they are still in the process of growing, they will be easier at this time to move into a different position.

Depending on the child, orthodontics may be started earlier around age eight or nine in specific cases. Teens and adults will also benefit from getting orthodontic care, although the outcomes may not be as reliable as compared to teens that are younger.

What Are Invisible (Clear) Aligners?

Clear aligners are not technically actually invisible, as you may have already guessed. Even though they are not strictly invisible, they do happen to be far less noticeable than the traditional method of metal braces in the mouth. Crafted from transparent plastic, these aligners are custom-molded so that they fit over the patient’s teeth and then move them carefully and slowly into the correct position gradually over time.

Clear aligners might not end up being suitable for all conditions, but are effective when minor adjustments for crooked/misaligned teeth are needed. If your child or you have an overbite, crossbite, or underbite that is more severe, or your teeth are protruding or crowding, traditional braces may be recommended.

What Are Invisalign’s Benefits?

Invisalign as well as teen Invisalign were made so that they would be a discreet option for teens and adults that wanted orthodontic treatment without attention.

Advantages over metal braces include:

  • Improved Oral Hygiene – Aligners can be taken out when brushing or flossing, making it easy to keep your gums and your teeth healthy. Also lowers tooth decay and gum disease risk that may interrupt treatments.
  • No Diet Changes – Unlike metal braces where food gets trapped, you don’t have to alter your diet or avoid specific foods.
  • Avoiding Injuries – Clear aligners don’t cause injuries, scratches or worse because they don’t rub the mouth interior.
  • Compliance Indicators – These colored indicators show dentists if aligners were worn for the right amount of time.
  • Easily Replaced – A damaged or lost aligner can be easily replaced, more than a brace that is damaged.

Speak with your orthodontist to find out the side effects and possible complications that can come along with your orthodontic treatment. The clear aligners used by Invisalign teen avoids the risks that braces come with when it comes to injury, but a retainer is needed after removing aligners to avoid risk of relapse. This will cause the teeth to ultimately shift to the old position, requiring another treatment.

To cut back on the risks, check to ensure your dentist has the credentials that are necessary as well as experience working in teen orthodontics. Always be sure that they have the proper ability to do their job before choosing to get work done!

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