When it comes to your kids, you probably never want to risk having any type of problem with their teeth. Dental care when it comes to kids should start when the first teeth come in.

Caring for the teeth of your children and taking them to the dentist for checkups is an important part of oral care. You can’t go back in time and instill good oral care habits, so it’s good to start a pattern of good brushing knowledge and brush and floss habits and get them familiar with dental checkups so they continue those good habits for life.

Giving your kids the gift of good oral care when they are young will help them hopefully have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. You want them to stay healthy instead of developing oral problems like cavities or advanced gum disease when older.

Taking them to a dentist on an annual basis and not running late or months behind is key. Dentists need to be able to evaluate the teeth and gums and make sure that development and growth is where it should be. You should also be following any dental advice from your dentist and maintaining checkups at the dentist on a regular basis.

Going to the dentist on a regular basis will help the odds that your kids won’t run into these oral health issues on a regular basis.

Tooth Decay

Decay is largely due to plaque. Plaque is a bacteria layer that builds on the teeth. They convert sugars in beverages and foods consumed by your kids into the acid that can break down the enamel on their teeth.

Unfortunately, younger kids run the risk of getting cavities more than teens or even adults. That’s because their teeth are softer and thinner than later in life. When it comes to oral diseases and children in Australia, tooth decay is the most common. Studies show that around forty-two percent of kids from the age of five to ten have had baby/primary tooth decay while over a quarter had untreated decay on one tooth or more.

This is not an encouraging start, and decay numbers have continued– nearly a quarter of kids said that they had adult/permanent teeth with decay and 11% had decay that was untreated. Whether in baby or adult teeth, decay is bad news– and baby teeth decay can damage the incoming permanent tooth that is growing beneath it.

Decay is preventable! Good oral care habits, reduction of sugar, a good diet with healthy food, and regular dental visits will all be good for your child’s oral health. Cavities need to be repaired with a filling or the decay will advance and more drastic resorts may have to be taken.

Gum Disease

This is what happens when plaque causes the first stage of gum disease. You don’t want this to start because the further that it advances, the worse it is. Regular brushing, flossing, mouthwash and dental visits will prevent this.

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