It may seem that sugar is in a lot of your drinks and food these days. If your diet or lifestyle is anything like that of the average American, you may be right.

Sweetened beverages have become a commonplace occurrence. You can find them cooling in fridges at convenience stores or gas stations. You can get them from vending machines, or purchase them at the grocery store. They may even have vitamins or electrolytes or frequently contain caffeine. Even if they do say that they have fruit or are all natural, are they?

Overall, these sugar-laden drinks are not healthy. This is true when it comes to dental health. Harmful bacteria can eat sugar that we get from food, getting energy but producing acid in the process that can damage the teeth and gums, causing inflammation, disease, and cavities.

Even something that seems like it can be healthy or marketed as such doesn’t mean that it is. Even apple juice can have the same amount in it as soda. When you consider that sugar should compose not more than ten percent of your calories daily and often is recommended at far less that intake, it makes you think about the sugar content of what you’re consuming.

How can you avoid falling prey to the dangers of sugar and protect your smile? Eliminating sugar from your diet through beverages is a good move. If you can’t do that, you might want to try and swap out sodas and juices for drinks that are healthier and adjust to that.

When it comes to soda, energy drinks, bottled lemonade or juice, chocolate milk, and even coffee, tea, or milkshake drinks, they can have high levels of sugar and thus pose a risk to your oral health. Some better choices for you to select would be water (mineral, distilled, or sparkling), milk, plain tea, or diluted juice.

When it comes to dental health tips, our number one recommendation is that you choose a beverage that has zero or a minimal amount of sugar. this will mean that the bacteria living inside of your mouth never get the chance to cause damage by reacting to the sugar. If you can’t do that or still want to consume occasional beverages with sugar, check out our suggestions.

  • Do not sip. Drink your beverage as sipping gives bacteria time to eat their sugar. Drink quickly and give your body the proper amount of time to get the bad stuff out.
  • Drink sweet teas or coffees in the morning and quickly. It won’t give them time to sit on your teeth.
  • Fluoride can protect your teeth. Reduce cavities and more by using fluoridated tap water and toothpaste.
  • Have a good oral care routine. Brushing between the teeth and cleaning between them is a must to keep your smile healthy. Brush twice daily and floss once a day.

Staying away from sugar will help you protect your smile! Know what beverages contain sugar or corn syrup. Drinks with too much sugar can damage dental health. Don’t let that happen to you as an adult or your children! Set good habits and see them pay off in a healthy and great-looking smile.


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