Maintaining healthy teeth entirely depends on the type of food you consume. Whether you are a vegetarian or have a sweet tooth, a healthy diet – in regards to maintaining healthy teeth – is all about moderation and variety. Essentially, your regular diet should contain varied foods from each of the five major food groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. 

Basically, a balanced diet provides you with adequate minerals and vitamins, which helps to improve your dental health. On the other hand, a poor or unbalanced diet weakens your immunity, leaving you vulnerable to opportunistic diseases such as gum disease. That said, here are 9 of the best foods for healthy teeth:

  • Milk – A glass or two of milk a day will nourish you with protein and calcium. Milk is also a renowned source of Vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of calcium and prevents the outbreak of dental diseases. One common oral condition caused by Vitamin D deficiency is burning mouth syndrome, which is occasioned by a scalding sensation in the whole mouth. 


  • Sweet Potatoes – They contain adequate amounts of vitamin A, which helps in strengthening the enamel. 


  • Water – plain water offers numerous benefits to the teeth. For one, drinking water soon after taking sugary foods helps to remove the remaining particles from the teeth. It also dilutes the acidic compounds formed by the bacteria in the mouth, thereby minimizing their effects on the teeth. 


  • Lean Protein – This includes meats that contain little or no fat such as poultry, fish, lean cuts of meat as well as egg whites. Notably, lean protein contains adequate amounts of phosphorus, which helps in keeping the enamel strong and healthy. 


  • Green and Black Teas – They help to minimize harmful bacteria in the mouth, thereby guarding against oral infections. Green tea also contains antioxidants, which boost your overall health and immunity. 


  • Sugar-Free Gum – Contrary to what you may have heard, the act of chewing gum is actually beneficial to your teeth. Sugar-free gum stimulates saliva production, and this helps to keep your teeth clean. 


  • Fruits – Fruits like oranges, strawberries, mangoes, and pineapples are typically rich in Vitamin C, which facilitates quick healing of wounds. 


  • Leafy Greens and Crunchy Foods – Kale, lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens provide you with a range of vitamins, particularly Vitamins A, B2, and B12. Vitamins help to keep your gums hard and healthy. Moreover, crunchy veggies such as carrots and apples stimulate saliva production, and cleans your teeth of food particles. 


  • Dairy Products – Most dairy foods, especially cheese and yogurt, are rich in calcium and protein, which helps in growth and strengthening of the teeth and gums. Yogurt also contains probiotics, which fills the mouth with healthy bacteria


Bottom line:

Maintaining dental hygiene is not as easy as most people think. Notably, apart from brushing regularly, it also essential to ‘nourish’ your teeth by consuming foods rich in vitamins and other essential minerals. This is mainly because most dental diseases arise from poor food choices.


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