Parents love it when their children grow healthily. One of the phases that signal a child’s growth is the loss of baby tooth. 

After the tooth loss, comes the wait for shiny new permanent teeth. Most often than not, the tooth usually pops within the expected timeline.  Nonetheless, there are cases where the tooth takes too long to come out. In such cases, parents are left wondering why their child’s permanent teeth aren’t coming out. 

Well, you shouldn’t fuss too much about your child’s permanent teeth not showing up. This situation is perfectly normal and can be a result of several factors. Here is a look at some of them:


It’s not unheard of for parents to compare their child’s growth to that of others in the same age group. In most cases, children’s growth depends on their sex. 

Studies have shown that girls tend to be early bloomers than their male counterparts. For instance, they lose their teeth nearly six months earlier than boys. As such, their permanent teeth also come out faster. 

Insufficient space 

Milk teeth are usually smaller compared to permanent teeth. As such, milk teeth have space between them to accommodate the larger permanent teeth. In case the space is insufficient, the permanent teeth may fail to come out. 

Such a scenario can be remedied in two ways; The dentist may either decide to remove the milk teeth or create baby braces for your child. This will help create more space so that the permanent teeth can come out unobstructed.


The kind of food your child eats determines how fast their teeth grow. If their diet constitutes food that is rich in calcium and minerals, the probability of their permanent teeth erupting faster is high. 

Avoid feeding your child sugary foods such as candy because they impede the fast growth of permanent teeth. 


Genetics determines the growth rate of different body parts, including the teeth. If it took longer for your permanent teeth to grow, then chances are that the same will be true with your child’s too. 

Moreover, children who get their milk teeth late have a high probability of having their permanent teeth late. If you notice that your child’s permanent teeth are taking time to erupt, then genetics may have something to do with it. Ask your parents or spouse whether they experienced a similar situation. 

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