We all want bright, shiny teeth,  yet most of us do little to achieve this. Proper dental care helps to avoid teeth discoloration. It involves brushing your teeth well, flossing every day, and using an antiseptic mouthwash.

Even though improper teeth care plays a huge part in discoloring your teeth, some of your daily habits may pose even more threat to your teeth.

However, don’t fret! It’s not too late to make a turnaround. Below, we have singled out three culprits that can rob you of your pearl whites and how you can do away with them to get your radiant smile back.

Junk Foods and Sugary Beverages

Though junk food and most beverages soothe our taste buds, they may cause discoloration and toothache. Drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar, such as alcohol, tea, sports drinks, coffee, and soda, have high levels of acid that can erode and discolor your teeth. Furthermore, consuming too many vegetables and fruits such as apple, orange, kales, and lemons can also stain your teeth due to their high concentration of citric acid and iron.

Poor oral hygiene

Most people with discolored teeth have poor oral hygiene. When you fail to floss, wash your mouth properly, or forget to brush your teeth as recommended, you invite bacterial infection. Poor oral hygiene has other adverse effects other than staining your teeth. These include bad odor, bleeding gums, and toothaches. 

For instance, a bad odor can make you avoid speaking with family, colleagues, and friends freely because of the embarrassment.

To avoid such situations, you can start by adhering to the American Dental Health guidelines, which recommend brushing at least twice a day for a duration not less than 2 minutes. If you cant achieve this, then try to brush once a day, and take water (regularly) to remove food particles from the mouth and to  prevent bacteria build-up.

Tobacco Use

Smoking tobacco is like holding tightly to a time bomb. Tobacco products are harmful. They contain tar, which leaves a dark brown residue on your teeth whenever you chew or smoke them. These residues may not be visible in the initial stages. However, they will gradually stain your teeth, especially if you are one of those smokers who don’t fancy brushing their teeth regularly.

Tobacco products like cigarettes also contain nicotine, which can cause devastating effects on your enamel. A defective enamel leads to discoloration, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

Nicotine and tobacco consumption also puts you at risk of contracting other health problems such as lung cancer, oral cancer, and periodontal disease.


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